Tasty blessings of the
from Yatsugatake

Rich land at the foot of Yatsugatake Mountains where renowned mineral water springs out in the lush forests of Hakushu.
Nature's blessings of this plentiful land are made into confectionery with our great attention and passion.
YATSUDOKI - it is time to take a break and enjoy the best confectionery.
It is time to relax your mind, and to savour the taste of the freshest ingredients, feeling as if you are in a refreshing wind blowing from highlands.


In old Japan, YATSUDOKI (eighth period of the day) meant 3 o’clock, time for afternoon snack, thus our name “YATSUDOKI”.
“YATSU” in YATSUDOKI means “eight”, a number associated with prosperous future in Japan. It also appears in the name of Yatsugatake Mountains with eight peaks.

Make your snack break a time to enjoy happiness.

A busy day. A leisurely day. A happy day. A day you worked hard. A day you couldn’t work hard. A special day. And a usual, ordinary day. Let us bring a relaxing moment to your day. Let us bring a happy moment to every day. To satisfy your mind and body, confectionery needs to be both delicious and safe. We watch over and get involved in producing ingredients to make sure we bring out their best taste. YATSUDOKI For you and people dear to you.

Our passion for the best ingredients has brought us to the source of water of life.

Mount Kaikoma in Minami Alps. The “Hakushu” forest, famous for its mineral water, is the home of YATSUDOKI confectionery. Purified by rocks, protected by the earth and nurtured by the lush forest, the renowned mineral water is the secret in bringing out the distinct flavor of every ingredient. Freshly drawn water is filled with the scents of trees of the forest and cool, refreshing breeze.

Farm-fresh milk.
Its freshness is felt right in our products.

To help cows produce delicious milk, it is important to feed them on grass rather than grains.
Carefully produced milk is best when used fresh in making confectionery.
That's why our Farm-Factory system matters.
Fresh milk is directly delivered from our farm daily for immediate use in confectionery production.
Then it is delivered straight to our shops, and to you.
Enjoy the sweet aroma and rich flavor of milk in our delicious confectionery.

Shinkai Ranch

Fluffy texture and perfect safety ensured by the freshest eggs.

Have you ever seen how high a fresh egg yolk rises?
The leavening power of fresh eggs is no comparison with that of eggs laid days ago.
Fluffy cakes and smooth puddings...
Freshness is the key to bringing out the natural taste of ingredients,
without use of unnecessary additives.
Confectionery tastes even better when enjoyed with the knowledge that only safe ingredients are used.

Akeno Farm

Enjoy the sense of seasons, all year round.

In Japan, we live with the four seasons and the beautiful blessings of each season.
And we would like you to enjoy the taste of seasons to the full.
YATSUDOKI is proud to offer a variety of confectionery that makes the most of the seasonal blessings.
Look around our shop, and you'll always find the best seasonal products from the highland.
From one season to the next, different kinds of confectionery fill a calendar of tastes.
We look forward to seeing you choosing our products, with a smile on your face.

Watanabe Farm

We start making confectionery by cultivating a field.

The birthplace of YATSUDOKI is found in Yamanashi Prefecture at the foot of magnificent Yatsugatake Mountains, and the local farms and ranches that are passionate about producing truly delicious ingredients.
How do we produce good ingredients for delicious confectionery?
How do we prepare soil and cultivate field to produce such ingredients?
Our confectionery making starts with these questions, as we work with farmers sharing the same goal and enthusiasm with us.

Marusa Fruits Furuya Farm